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JCDecaux Trams

  • Melbourne is the only city in Australia with an extensive tram network in operation and is the largest in the world - with 24 tram routes, 1,763 stops and over 204 millions annual passenger trips.

    The iconic Yarra Trams network unlocks an unparalleled Street Furniture opportunity across inner-city Melbourne. Weaving through the heart of Melbourne’s central business and retail districts, this slow moving, high impact medium provides broadcast exposure to brands and deliver powerful campaign reach to savvy inner city audiences.  

    Complimenting the Citylights Yarra Trams portfolio are three powerful tram advertising formats to deliver optimal impact in the heart of Melbourne - Portrait Sides, Cityscapes and show-stopping Tram Wraps.  

    Portrait Sides

    Portrait Sides are posted on the iconic Melbourne tram fleet every 2 and 4 weeks. Sold in true networks packs, this high impact, large-scale transit medium delivers a more powerful share-of-voice than ever before, offering brands premium exposure across Melbourne’s most sought after CBD and retail locations. 

    Targeting commuters, pedestrians and drivers alike – this flexible medium provides powerful broadcast exposure and longevity in the market when bought as a stand-alone network; and unbeatable amplification when combined with a Citylights campaign. 

    Tram Wraps

    A jewel in the crown of any Melbourne Out-of-home campaign, the iconic Tram Wrap is a must for brands wanting to ‘own’ the Melbourne CBD. Boasting brand impact and presence well beyond its epic physical scale, the Melbourne Tram Wrap delivers unbeatable brand dominance in the Melbourne marketplace. 

    Available across multiple tram models, and purchased via depot-specific routes, the Melbourne Tram Wrap is a much loved medium that delivers cut through and iconic status like no other.


    Unique to Melbourne’s Tram network, Cityscapes deliver simple, bold brand messaging to pedestrians and drivers in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD with impact and ease. Delivered from the top of Melbourne’s iconic trams this much loved landscape format, acts as the city’s way of keeping Melbournians up-to-date with what’s on, what’s new and what’s in-store.