The Pigeon Project - One Year On

One year on from the launch of our JCDecaux research panel, The Pigeon Project, we met with the team at Vision Critical to get an update on who our Pigeon Project community are and how they’ve been responding to us over the last 12 months.

After recruiting members for the community off our own assets, both digital and static, we have now amassed over 2900 JCDecaux audience members who respond weekly to surveys, questionnaires and polls. 

The panel continues to show us the effectiveness of JCDecaux advertising with the split of members between states (49% Brisbane, 26% Melbourne and 22% Brisbane) directly relating to the size of each market and the recruitment campaigns we run on Citylights and digital assets.

Over the last 12 months we have paid back or community by giving away some fantastic prizes, from movie tickets to a major prize of a $5000 travel voucher. 

Composed of 34% men and 66% women we manage to canvas an influential and emerging spender group with 66% of the panel being 19 – 34 years of age.

Over 2016 we will continue with The Pigeon Project with more great prizes, more recruitment and as always more fantastic insights to send back to our clients and team to continually improve JCDecaux and out-of-home advertising.