Out-of-Home Measures up in 2013

The 2013 MOVE data release has given a clear indication that the out-of-home audience is rapidly growing in Australia. Daily contacts across the industry have risen by 9% year on year to 385 million. This is due to a range of factors that came into play when calibrating the MOVE audience measurement system for 2013; including new signage, market and population changes (due to new transport routes, new street inclusions, ABS census data and more).

JCDecaux continues to enable brands to engage with elusive, high value audiences – those who are connected but often difficult to connect with. With the latest release of MOVE data, JCDecaux has seen significant growth in audience numbers and reach against these important demographic segments.

JCDecaux is well placed to capitalise on the audience increase, with coverage areas across the five capital cities observing increases in population, supported by the widespread trend of urban migration. Total contacts across JCDecaux’s multiple formats have increased by 9%, with a daily Street Furniture contacts figure of more than 64 million (all people 5+ contacts).

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