JCDecaux and Roadshow Films Take Sydney by Storm

Roadshow Films have teamed up with JCDecaux Innovate to send Australia into a whirl with a campaign promoting their new release ‘Into the Storm’. Having previously completed a stunt in the outback with a video of a ‘tornado selfie’, which went viral online, it was time to bring the tornado to the streets Sydney. 

Partnering with UK digital out-of-home specialists, Grand Visual, and independent production company, The Woolshed, the innovative idea was born out of augmented reality technology, transforming a JCDecaux Citylights panel into the eye of an unexpected and intense storm. 

“Using augmented reality to pull a city street corner into the eye of a tornado, creates a level of engagement that static outdoor media can't match” says Ric Albert, Grand Visual’s Digital Director, “it becomes a talking point, and gives people a taste of the experience that Into the Storm brings to the cinema."

With outrageous effects – lighting striking buildings, cars crashing and a tornado whipping about the existing street scene – the campaign surprised passers-by and stopped them in their tracks. 

The campaign went live in Sydney on Tuesday 26 August. 

Check out the campaign and the reactions of the passers-by here: