Coke Wins OMA's Best Use of a Special Build Award for Q4

JCDecaux and Coca-Cola have taken out the award for ‘Best Use of a Special Build’ as part of the Outdoor Media Association’s (OMA) Q4 Creative Collection Competition. The innovative campaign made use of a unique digital screen dispenser unit to deliver audiences an ice cold drink during Australia’s summer months. 

Despite being one of the most well-known brands in the world, Coca-Cola wanted to drive the knowledge and popularity of their global brand in an increasingly hard to reach youth market. To engage this audience and get them talking, drastic changes to the original can were made - the cans shrunk to a smaller 250ml size and became available in 6 new colours.

Through social media and the use of the #colouryoursummer hashtag, the changes to the brand were shared and drove momentum behind the word of mouth campaign. 

To promote this campaign UM, Coca-Cola and JCDecaux teamed up to create a first in Australian OOH with a Digital, Fridge Dispenser all in one panel. The multi-platform approach played into the social media hype by the use of a hashtag #colouryoursummer. 

By heading up to one of the Innovate panels located in multiple locations across Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, the digital screen engaged by asking the audience to interact and rotate the colourful cans located on the screen – the reward was an ice cold Coke in one of the new smaller sized cans. 

The OMA’s Creative Collection Competition acknowledges the best and bravest in Outdoor creative each quarter. Thank you to the OMA and congratulations on the other Q4 winners of the Creative Collection. To watch the special build in action check out our video here.