Coca-Cola takes iconic curves to the streets to celebrate 100 years

To celebrate 100 years of their contour bottle design, Coca-Cola have again teamed up with JCDecaux Innovate to bring their iconic silhouette to the streets with eye-catching graphics and creative technologies.

30 locations will display three different innovative executions. Designed in collaboration with Ogilvy & Mather and media agency UM, Coke’s new minimalistic, pop-art brand campaign is set to provide visual impact on the streets of Australian cities.

As one of the largest Innovate campaigns ever created by JCDecaux Australia and reaching across two of their main platforms – StreetTalk and Citylights – the goal of painting the town with shapely contours is certainly achieved. The fun and engaging designs provide passers-by with a creative and visually stunning display and is the first time Coke has unified their brands and advertising across their Coke Life, Coke Zero, Coke Red and Diet Coke products.



In Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, fun scrolling storyboards have been created with a vinyl covering over a triple up, scrolling panel. Bubble Showcases also add movement (and possibly thirst), to the streets, with double-sided panels covered in a vinyl contour skin then filled with Coke to produce a refreshing bubble effect.

Danni Robinson, Innovate Operations Manager – JCDecaux Australia said: “JCDecaux’s unrivalled pedestrian audience enables the simplest ideas to have the most cut-through on the street. The Coke Contour campaign uses all of our key assets and is probably the best use of our scrolling panels. The creativity of the Coca-Cola brand is really showcased in this campaign.”



The use of traditional media on our Citylights panels will also create a striking presence on the streets, with clusters of Coca Cola pop-art, forming impactful on-street 'galleries'.

Extending the campaign into Perth and Adelaide, JCDecaux’s location specific StreetTalk panels are wrapped in the simple and iconic graphics and anniversary branding.

The Coca-Cola campaign is live from 30 June – 6 July and 4 – 10 August 2015 in key high-traffic pedestrian locations throughout the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide CBDs.