Celebrate Chinese New Year at The Star

The Star
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Touchscreen game & Dispenser

To celebrate Chinese New Year The Star have launched a touch-screen game and dispenser in the heart of China Town, Sydney. The panel features a digital touch screen game where winners receive a 2-for-1 buffet prize which (to be redeemed at The Star), or 25% off Fat Noodle (also redeemed at The Star).

The interactive panel asks passers-by to select the date they were born – bringing the theme of Chinese New Year to life by showing what zodiac animal they are, based on their age. If they are over 18, they are able to proceed with the game. The game is played as a game of skill, where objects appear on screen that users must tap to collect. Users need to collect a certain number of objects to win a voucher, which is dispensed by the panel.

This highly innovative campaign is also supported by bus shelters wraps and kiosk wraps in busy Sydney locations and will be live from 13 - 26 February 2018 in Sydney.

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